Festival nad Řekou 2010

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Traditional Programme Cycles

These programme cycles enhance the main programme cycles and are repeated each year. Although their content and dramaturgy do not change from year to year they nevertheless still reflect in some way the themes of the 3 main programme cycles.

Jan Švankmajer Jan Švankmajer

Personalities and anniversaries

This programme cycle will focus on retrospectives of significant personalities who will be personally present at RFF and who in 2010 will be celebrating birthdays in round figures. For the second time RFF will present three Miroslav Ondříček Awards: for a non-national filmmaker, a national filmmaker and a film critic. We will also remember those who are no longer among us and whose work matches our 2010 themes: K. Zeman, E. Klos, V. Alexeiev, J. Sturges, A. Kurosawa, F. Chopin.

Operace Dunaj Operace Dunaj

News from Visegrad

This programme cycle will present the most significant and successful contemporary films from the Visegrad countries. Each “best” national film will be screened as part of celebratory days: Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak. Panel discussions will focus on the current condition of each national cinematography. Most of the films will accompanied by the artists responsible.

Notorious Notorious B.I.G.

Festival echoes

The RFF programme will be dominated by older films. Nevertheless, FESTIVAL ECHOES will offer participants the opportunity of comparing the best films from the past with the best films from the present – i.e. with films which have won awards at prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Munich, San Sebastian, etc.). In selecting these films we will co-operate with partner festivals of the VISEGRAD countries. Representatives from these festivals will take part in panel discussions focussing on how to find the most effective ways of reaching audiences.

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