Festival nad Řekou 2010

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Písek Kieszlowski Dětská dílna Medek - Žena s bodláky

Festival Mission Statement

Welcome to the Riviera in the historic city of Písek. Take a walk across Central Europe´s oldest stone bridge to the fascinating world of cinema heritage. Explore the synthetic magic of film, discover long forgotten cinema gems, piece together a mosaic of world culture.

River Film Fest is about being more than festival, more than movie. It is about participation and having fun while promoting the perception of cinema within the context of its historical development. Literature, music, theatre, the visual arts and human dreams finally combined to create Film. By focussing on this evolution, River Film Fest reflects more than artistic aspects; world-wide social changes lie imprinted within outstanding works of cinema.

Explore, learn and enjoy yourself. We´re on the Rivera after all!

Welcome to River Film Fest!

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